Saturday, March 1, 2014

Two Lines!

So, most people will assume my husband was the first person I shared the big news with. False. He wasn't even the second (or third) - but hey - he made it into the top 5, so that's cool - right?

 I took the test a week before the doctor recommended (remember, we were trying...I knew when to test) and I was fully expecting disappointment. When the two lines appeared I didn't know what to do, but I did know I wanted to tell my husband in a more creative way than showing him a recently peed on stick (Gross - I know, you get my point.) 

I drove to work in a daze and crying (tears of joy, obviously.) When my sister called I swore I wasn't going to tell her, but then she asked those magical know the ones "whatcha doin'" okay, okay - not magical, but nonetheless I couldn't hold back the tears so I responded "oh, ya know - just crying over the positive pregnancy test I got this morning." 

When I got to work I still couldn't shut my trap. I shared the news with two of my coworkers who I knew would be asking me if I had taken a test anyway...they were pretty in tune with my adventures in baby making. During lunch the three of us went to the store to find something to help tell daddy. 

I left work early knowing I couldn't avoid the flu shot I had been putting off, any longer. I called Chris to tell him I was coming home early and he was working when I got home. He looked confused as I handed him the bag and urged him to take out the contents. First was the Baby Solari airbrushed onsie we had been given at our bridal shower. "Why are you giving this to me?" was the response. Then came the baby socks that said "Daddy's sidekick." At this point I could see it slowly registering. "Are you serious?" was the response...and then he opened the card which read something along the lines of "You must be so proud and glad" (inside) "That you're going to be a dad. Congratulations." Signed from me and baby solari (July 2014.) 

The remainder of the night was filled with frequent deep breaths by the father-to-be. And a few by the mother-to-be. 

Aaaaaand as I was about to post -  I realized Chris technically wasn't in the top 5 because my doctor and a few nurses knew since I wanted to make sure it was safe to get the flu shot. WHOOPS. Sorry, honey. #youwereinthetop10

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Things First: What Women Trying To Conceive Do Not Want To Hear

If you said one of these things to me, don't worry - I forgive you, but I probably bitched about it to someone at some point. It's really okay though. Here we go:

7. (INSERT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE) That's what worked for us! Okay, great. I didn't know you were me. Oh, wait. 
6. Enjoy your time together, don't be in a hurry. Um, okay - thanks father time.
5. Just stop trying and it will happen. What? Super helpful. Shut up.
4. Throw away the ovulation kits, thermometers and other tracking stuff, then it will happen! Gee, thanks. But not really.
3. We got pregnant on the first try! You did? Really?! That's so - well that's annoying. I want to punch you in the neck. Shut up. No Seriously, shut up.
2. Relax! Don't stress and it will happen. Oh? Thanks Yoda.
1. You have plenty of time. Oh do I? Thanks so much - I had no idea you knew the exact lifespan of my eggs. Shut up.

In the scheme of things we were not trying that long, about six months. But add in the unexpected stress of not having a period for a couple months (kind of important when you want to have a baby), the doctor doubting the dates the ovulation tests are saying your ovulating and having (what seems like) everyone around you get pregnant (on their first try, without even trying, etc., etc.) and six months can seem like a lifetime.

And it was long enough to hear all of these doozies, some several times. I know you mean well, but it doesn't help. Telling me not to worry/stress didn't make it magically stop. And telling me I have plenty of time is well, a blatant lie. We all know women have a certain time frame in which this baby thing can happen. I might have "plenty of time" if I get pregnant right away, but if I don't and then there is testing and more trying and more testing and then finally a pregnancy...and that doesn't even include wanting more than one child. one really knows how much time a person has to have a baby. It's not reassuring, it's annoying.

Ahhhh, I feel better. :) With that out of the way I will get to the actual "pregnancy" posts. Stay tuned...